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Senior Manager

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Penny is an experienced management consultant who has spent several years working with disability and aged care organisations facing high levels of uncertainty to prepare for the future.

She brings extensive, first-hand knowledge from running her own consulting firm, where she gained an appreciation for the challenges facing organisations moving into competitive markets.

Prior to embarking as an independent consultant, Penny worked with a large national community health provider, overseeing their health innovation portfolio.

Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Penny spent 16 years in the academic sector. During this period, she held grants for basic and applied research.

At ZED Penny works with social services, health care organisations and peak bodies to lead strategic planning, models of care, conduct service reviews, market assessments and feasibility studies, program evaluations and develop advocacy platforms.

Penny relaxes from the corporate/consulting life over various fermentation experiments – preferably sourced from her garden.


PhD Medicine

BSc (Hons) Physiology.

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