Matt Vincent


Since joining ZED, Matthew has focused on organisational performance management, financial modelling, and data analytics. He has worked with the NT Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development to develop and implement a new Procurement and Contract Management system, which has significantly improved data integrity and reporting capabilities. He has also assisted the Department in building a staffing model to measure the FTE and efficiency requirements to meet performance benchmarks.

Matthew assisted the SA Department for Education in the delivery of the NAPLAN tests by implementing a reporting application that enables the Department to better identify test scripts that are most at risk of inaccurate marking. This application has become integral to the quality assurance unit and has been adapted by other jurisdictions.

Matthew also has extensive experience in the development and implementation of financial models and has a deep knowledge of quantitative methods for data analysis. He has delivered financial models for clients in the health, education and disability support sectors, including activity-based costings and pricing models.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance), University of Adelaide

  • Master of Applied Economics (International), University of Adelaide

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Science), University of Adelaide

Matt Vincent